The Stinger is a crowd favorite for many reasons. The first being that it is a very reasonable price for the quality on the product. We wanted to create a Vaporizer that looked, felt, and handled as a high quality vaporizer but at a price most anybody can afford. Here at Nectar Stick we create all of our products with the highest quality components, so that every puff you take feels better than the last. The second reason being the...


Guaranteed to give you the highest quality experience with every puff. The Apis is the perfect vaporizer to take on the go with its usb compatible charger, this vaporizer makes it easy to charge anywhere.


We are so excited to share with you the release of our New Pink Nectar Stick Vaporizer Series.  Our premium Quality vaporizers are rechargeable and include up to 5-Temperature setting, a pre-heat feature, up to 600 puffs per charge, and a full warranty.That's just to name a few of its incredible features.

The Stinger™ Portable Vaporizer Kit

Variable Temperature 310 mAh Rechargeable Nectar Stick Brand Battery The Stinger™ is a sleek portable vaporizer designed specifically for concentrates. We are proud to feature the popular Stinger™ Vaporizer Kit by the famous Nectar Stick™ brand of California. This sleek convenient design boasts pre-heat and variable temperature settings catering to a wide array of your extract vaping needs. The Stinger™, like all of Nectar Stick’s products, is constructed from the finest components available today guaranteeing a positive and reliable experience every...