The Stinger is a crowd favorite for many reasons. The first being that it is a very reasonable price for the quality on the product. We wanted to create a Vaporizer that looked, felt, and handled as a high quality vaporizer but at a price most anybody can afford. Here at Nectar Stick we create all of our products with the highest quality components, so that every puff you take feels better than the last. The second reason being the...

NECTAR NEWS: Grindhouse Collab

This week we had the awesome opportunity to team up with a local LA streetwear brand “Grindhouse Women” for a photoshoot. Huge shoutout to their team for putting together this day and making it one hell of a time! Everyone was so hands-on with incredible ideas that made this day even better than expected. Grindhouse was the perfect collab for our Nectar Stick Vaporizers. Nothing better than smoking some Nectar in a hand sewn swimsuit. “GRINDHOUSE IS A STREETWEAR BRAND...

Nectar stick 2021

This year we have some exciting projects and products in the works! We can't wait to share with everyone the exciting new things we have coming, but for now you'll have to wait. We promise it will be worth it! Although this past year has not been easy for us nor anyone; we wanted to reflect on the good that we were able to achieve throughout this wild year we called 2020. We started our line of Nectar stick CBD products!We...


Guaranteed to give you the highest quality experience with every puff. The Apis is the perfect vaporizer to take on the go with its usb compatible charger, this vaporizer makes it easy to charge anywhere.


This palm held design boasts 900 mAh pre-heat and variable temperature settings catering to a wide array of your extract vaping needs. The Apis™, like all of Nectar Stick’s products, is constructed from the finest components available today guaranteeing a positive and reliable experience every time.


We are so excited to share with you the release of our New Pink Nectar Stick Vaporizer Series.  Our premium Quality vaporizers are rechargeable and include up to 5-Temperature setting, a pre-heat feature, up to 600 puffs per charge, and a full warranty.That's just to name a few of its incredible features.

Fire Relief Organizations

Below are a list of local Fire Relief organizations we will be donating to as well as others you can choose to donate to as well.   United Way Fire Fund: United Way of Jackson County has launched a Fire Fund that will be geared toward longer-term recovery for families impacted by the fire. The United Way will use an application process to cover direct expenses related to families’ losses. Rogue Credit Union’s Southern Oregon Fire Relief Fund: Credit Union will match...